Building replicated database systems using distributed shared memory

Duarte Filho, Nelson Lopes; Pedone, Fernando


Este artigo apresenta uma abordagem para a construção de sistemas de base de dados replicados utilizando memória compartilhada distribuída. A arquitetura dsmDB, a qual implementa tal proposta, é apresentada. Vantagens e desvantagens da abordagem são elencadas e discutidas.
Current trends in main memory capacity and cost indicate that in a few years most performance-critical applications will have all (or most of) their data stored in the main memory of the nodes of a small-size cluster. A few recent research papers have pointed this out and proposed architectures taking advantage of clustered environments aggregating powerful processors equipped with large main memories. This position paper proposes yet another approach, which builds on Distributed Shared Memory systems (DSMs) introduced in the early 80’s. We introduce the idea of the dsmDB, discuss how its architecture could be organized, and elaborate on some of its algorithms. We conclude the paper with a discussion of some of its advantages and drawbacks.

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