An experimental study on the use of earth-air heat exchangers (EAHE)

Vaz, Joaquim; Sattler, Miguel Aloysio; Brum, Ruth da Silva; Santos, Elizaldo Domingues dos; Isoldi, Liércio André


The thermal potential of Earth-Air Heat Exchangers (EAHE) is experimentally investigated for a placementin Viamão, city located in the south of Brazil. Three independent ducts are buried in the soil, ducts A and B are installed at a depth of 1.60 m and 0.60 m apart, while duct C is installed at a depth of 0.50 m. Thethermal conditions of one build named Casa Ventura are improved with the EAHE. The temperatures forthe soil, external air and in buried ducts in several positions are acquired along one year (2007). The mainpurpose here is the achievement of the transient behavior of temperature fields for the external air, soiland buried ducts and the best periods of time for employment of device. Results showed that the monthsof May and February were the best for heating and cooling the air used in Casa Ventura, respectively.Moreover, it was developed a complete database about the transient temperatures of the soil, externalair and inside the building.

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