On the measurement of directional wave spectra at the southern Brazilian coast

Alves, Jose Henrique Gomes de Mattos; Melo Filho, Eloi


The detailed reconstruction of the directional spectrum of wind waves from measurements of the wave field is an essential requirement for several applications, including the numerical modeling of wave evolution. Three reconstruction techniques that provide estimates of the directional distribution function D f ;u ; given the one-dimensional frequency spectrum, are compared using data from a coastal locality at the southern Brazilian coast. The techniques are the maximum entropy method (MEM), the Fourier Expansion Method using a cos2 type function (FEMcos) and the Fourier Expansion Method using a sech type function (FEMsech). The main patterns of the wave climate at the study site are qualitatively assessed. Three main sea states, including swell, transition between local sea and swell, and directionally bimodal wind sea, are identified. Time series from three events associated with the main sea states provide test cases for inter comparison of the three reconstruction techniques. Maximum entropy estimates of D f ;u provide results that are more consistent than those obtained from the two FEM techniques in all cases considered. q1999 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

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