Abrasive wearin Austempered DuctileIrons: a comparison with white cast irons

Cardoso, Paulo Henrique Sanchez; Israel, Charles Leonardo; Strohaecker, Telmo Roberto


This work aims to evaluate the mechanical properties and the abrasive wear resistance of a group of nodular cast irons and a white cast iron. The samples were produce dand heat treated. The materials characterization was performed using optical and scanning electron microscopy. In the wear tests, a rotating device with sand as the abrasive material laws constructed and used. To assess the tests results, the mass loss values of the specimens were analysed. Until 120h of testing, the white cast iron was observed to have alower weight loss compared with that of other materials. From 144 huntil the end of the test at 196h, an inversion of the performance occurred for ductile irons, which exhibited the lowest wear rate until the end of the test. This resultis due to the presence of retained austenite in the ductile iron. This fact, besides allowing an increase in tough ness that was verified in the impact tests, provides an increase in abrasion resistance due to the subsequent transformation of the retained austenite into martensite.

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