Resin transfer molding process: a numerical and experimental investigation

Oliveira, Iran Rodrigues de; Amico, Sandro Campos; Souza, Jeferson Avila; Lima, Antonio Gilson Barbosa de


Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is one of the composite manufacturing technique that consists in injecting a resin pre-catalysed thermosetting in a closed mold containing a dry fiber preform, where the resin is impregnated. In this sense, the aim of this research is to study theoretically and experimentally the RTM process. Experimental and simulations of the rectilinear infiltration of polyester resin (filled and non filled with CaCO3) in mold with glass fiber preform were performed in cavity with dimensions 320 × 150 × 3.6 mm. Numerical results of the filling time and fluid front position over time were assessed by comparison with experimental data and good accuracy was obtained. It was verified that, the CaCO3 content affect resin velocity during filling, the permeability of the reinforcement and resin viscosity, thus the filling time is affected strongly.

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