Resin transfer molding process: a numerical investigation

Oliveira, Iran Rodrigues de; Amico, Sandro Campos; Souza, Jeferson Avila; Luz, Felipe Ferreira; Barcella, Rodrigo Araujo; Lima, Antonio Gilson Barbosa de


In the processing of high performance composite materials, the RTM process has been widely used by many sectors of the industry. This process consists in injecting a polymeric resin through a fibrous reinforcement arranged within a mold. In this sense, this study aims to simulate the rectilinear infiltration of pure resin and filled resin (40% CaCO3) in a mold with glass fiber preform, using the PAM-RTM commercial software. Numerical results of the filling time and fluid front flow position over time were assessed by comparison with the experimental data and a good accuracy was obtained.

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