Coastal hydrodynamics and longshore transport of sand on Cassino beach and Mar Grosso beach, southern Brazil

Fontoura, Jose Antonio Scotti; Almeida, Luiz Emilio Sa Brito de; Calliari, Lauro Júlio; Cavalcanti, Augusto Muniz; Möller Junior, Osmar Olinto; Romeu, Marco Antônio Rigola; Christófaro, Bruno Ramos


The hydrodynamic and morphodynamic parameters of a region in southern Brazil were determined by collecting sediments with stream traps (bedload and suspended load) in the surfzone and capturing images, studying topography, and researching sedimentology with the help of a movie camera, a total station, and laboratory work. Data on deep-water waves were garnered with a CPTEC/INPE model. Field work was carried out in 50 field trips during a 1-year period; 42 out of 50 trips focused exclusively on hydrodynamic and morphodynamic data, whereas eight of the trips were also used for collecting sediments. In addition, data on wind direction and velocity and on the longshore currents were also collected. All data were obtained in normal atmospheric conditions. Field work was carried out in six cross-shore profiles along Cassino Beach and Mar Grosso Beach (three profiles on each side of the estuary of Patos Lagoon).

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