Methylene blue reverts multidrug resistance: sensitivity of multidrug resistant cells to this dye and its photodynamic action

Trindade, Gilma Santos; Farias, Shirley Leite de Almeida; Rumjanek, Vivian Mary Barral Dodd; Capella, Marcia Alves Marques


Photodynamic action has been advocated as an alternative treatment of tumors but the most common used dyes, hematoporphyrin derivatives, are substrate for P-glycoprotein. This study investigated the MDR-reverting properties of methylene blue MB) and compared the sensitivity to its photodynamic action (PDA) in ®ve cell lines that either express or do not express the MDR phenotype. MB was able to revert the MDR phenotype and there was no difference in sensitivity to MB-PDA between MDR and non-MDR cells, suggesting that MB has the advantage of being used simultaneously as a MDR reverser and a photodynamic agent.

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