Notional all-electric ship systems integration thermal simulation and visualization

Vargas, Jose Viriato Coelho; Souza, Jeferson Avila; Hovsapian, Rob; Ordonez, Juan Carlos; Chiocchio, Tim; Chalfant, Julie; Chryssostomidis, Chryssostomos; Dilay, Emerson


This work presents a simplified mathematical model for fast visualization and thermal simulation of complex and integrated energy systems that is capable of providing quick responses during system design. The tool allows for the determination of the resulting whole system temperature and relative humidity distribution. For that, the simplified physical model combines principles of classical thermodynamics and heat transfer, resulting in a system of three-dimensional (3D) differential equations that are discretized in space using a 3D cell-centered finite volume scheme. As an example of a complex and integrated system analysis, 3D simulations are performed in order to determine the temperature and relative humidity distributions inside an all-electric ship for a baseline medium voltage direct current power system architecture, under different operating conditions. A relatively coarse mesh was used (9410 volume elements) to obtain converged results for a large computational domain (185m×24m×34m) containing diverse equipment. The largest computational time required for obtaining results was 560 s, that is, less than 10 min. Therefore, after experimental validation for a particular system, it is reasonable to state that the model could be used as an efficient tool for complex and integrated systems thermal design, control and optimization.

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