A two-phase one-dimensional model for simulation of FCC risers

Brum, Ary Saad; Souza, Jeferson Avila; Vargas, Jose Viriato Coelho


The FCC (Fluidized Catalytic Cracking) is one of the most important processes in a petroleum refinery plant. The numerical modeling of this process has been performed by several authors who have proposed different mathematical models and reported them in the literature. With the constant increase of computational capabilities, such models have become even more complex and with wider application. The different models address both fluid flow and cracking kinetic, varying from simple one phase and one-dimensional models to three-dimensional and three-phase models. Therefore, there is no common ground regarding the most adequate formulation, and advantages and drawbacks may be identified in each available model. In the present work, a relatively complex model reported in the literature is reproduced. Even though it is a one dimensional model, it includes many physical phenomena, like the dependence of the fluid properties on temperature and the transport equations formulation for both phases (gas and particulate). In a following stage, some simplifications in the mathematical formulation are included to the model and the results obtained with both formulations (with and without simplifications) are compared. The main goal of the present work is to establish a relationship between each included physical phenomenon and its real influence on the capability of the model to predict the products formation inside the riser reactor.

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