Sustainable supply chain management: a literature review on brazilian publications

Silva, Minelle Enéas da; Neutzling, Daiane Mulling; Alves, Ana Paula Ferreira; Dias, Patrícia; Santos, Carlos Alberto Frantz dos; Nascimento, Luis Felipe Machado do


Based on the progress in the international research on sustainability and supply chains, this paper aims to analyze how the concept of Sustainable Supply Chain Management has been explored in papers published in major Brazilian journals and conference proceedings, especially regarding the research areas of operations management and sustainability. Recognizing the theme as incipient in Brazil, there are few published studies, mainly in relation to journals, with a total of 44 papers focused specifically on the topic. The literature review indicates that the understanding of the topic includes recurrent discussions with environmental or economic dimensions. However, a comprehensive definition of the concept, i.e., including social issues, is lacking. Therefore, this creates a research gap and an opportunity for Brazilian researchers to contribute to the gradually developing field.

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