Use of BPM to redesign the container handling process: a brazilian retroportuary terminal case

Longaray, André Andrade; Munhoz, Paulo Roberto da Silva; Albino, Alexandre Simão; Castelli, Tiago Machado


This paper describes a proposal to redesign the containers handling process in a Brazilian retroportuary terminal using the Business Process Management (BPM) methodology. It employs applied research utilised through the different stages of a case study, and embodies the various aspects that influence the implementation of the internal handling process of containers in the concerned organisation. The mapping of the process allowed for a better understanding of the activity flow in the study. The new processes were laid out and redesigned. Their analysis displayed a considerable 43% reduction in container handling compared to the current process. Evaluation of the gathered data at the end of the study showed that the proposed redesigning of processes provided the organisation under study with the possibility of major improvements, which had a significant positive impact on the robustness, dynamics, and overall understanding of its business activities.

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