Small cirque glaciers retreat on Keller Peninsula, Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica

Simões, Jefferson Cardia; Dani, Norberto; Bremer, Ulisses Franz; Aquino, Francisco Eliseu; Arigony Neto, Jorge


Variations in the total area covered by four small corrie glaciers in the eastern slopes of Keller Peninsula, Admiralty Bay, King George Island (KGI) are investigated using a topographical survey, carried out in the austral summers of 1992/93 and 1993/94. For this survey, aerial photographs, satellite images and mapping surveys (from the 1950s onwards) were compared. All four glaciers have lost between 44 to 83% of their areas from 1979 to 2000. At least two glaciers already have some stagnant parts and may disappear if the present climatic warming trend in the region persists.

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