Antimycobacterial and cytotoxicity activity of microcystins. Journal of venomous animals and toxins including tropical diseases

Soares, Daniela Fernandes Ramos; Matthiensen, Alexandre; Colvara, Wilson Alves; Votto, Ana Paula de Souza; Trindade, Gilma Santos; Silva, Pedro Eduardo Almeida da; Yunes, João Sarkis


Background: The present work aimed to evaluate the antimycobacterial activity and cytotoxicity of Microcystis aeruginosa toxins, the MC-LR variant and purified extract of [D-Leu1 ] microcystin-LR. Methods: The antimicrobial activity of M. aeruginosa extract and microcystin was evaluated by resazurin microtiter assay against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, M. terrae, M. chelonae and M. kansasii. The cytotoxicity assay was performed by trypan blue exclusion against the HTC cell line. Results: Antimicrobial activity was observed in the hexanic extract of M. aeruginosa (RST 9501 strain) against M. tuberculosis, including sensitive and resistant strains with minimal inhibitory concentrations (MIC) between 1.93 μM and 0.06 μM. The high activity of M. aeruginosa hexanic extract could be attributed to the major presence of the toxins MC-LR and [D-Leu1 ] MC-LR that showed activity at MIC between 53 and 0.42 μM against tested mycobacterial strains. Even at the highest concentration tested, no toxicity of M. aeruginosa extracts was identified against HTC cells. Conclusions: These preliminary results suggest that [D-Leu1 ] MC-LR is a promising candidate for the development of a new antimycobacterial agent

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