Borderline ovarian mucinous cyst adenoma with invasion of strmoa in the goldfish carassius auratus (l.)

Romano, Luis Alberto; Klosterhoff, Marta da Costa; Führ, Fabiane; Rodrigues, Ricardo Vieira; Pereira, Maria Angélica dos Reis Garrido; Sampaio, Luís André Nassr de


We report an ovarian cystadenoma in an adult goldfish. The standard histopathologic examination of the tumour mass contained areas of mature cystic tissue that exhibited typical tall columnar cells with basally situated nuclei and abundant intracellular mucins stained withAlcian blue. Sections of the tissue showed an invasive stromal implant of bordeline mucinous cystadenoma associated with clusters of adenocarcinoma-like cells. The immunohistochemical studies showed the typical immunohistochemical pattern of staining of CK7 found in classical mucinous cystadenoma. The invasive stromal implant also showed positive staining with the CK7 antibody. The utility of cystokeratin 7 (CK7) expression is restricted and allows ovarian mucinous adenomas to be differentiated from lower gastrointestinal neoplasms, as the extend of staining for CK7 has been shown to be diagnostically relevant for the distinction of primary and secondary mucinous tumors of the ovary.

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