Ontogenic development of kidney, thymus and spleen and phenotypic expression of cd3 and cd4 receptors on the lymphocytes of cobia (rachycentroncanadum)

Klosterhoff, Marta da Costa; Pereira Junior, Joaber; Rodrigues, Ricardo Vieira; Gusmão, Emeline Pereira; Sampaio, Luís André Nassr de; Tesser, Marcelo Borges; Romano, Luis Alberto


In the present study was evaluated the ontogenic of immunocompetent organs of cobia up to 53 days after hatching (dah) through histology and immunohistochemistry techniques. The kidney was the first lymphohematopoietic organ to appear, at 1 dah, followed by the spleen at 5 dah and the thymus at 7 dah. The first CD3 receptors on the lymphocytes were observed in 27% of the thymic tissue at 7 dah and in 99% at 53 dah. The phenotypic expression of CD3 receptors was registered in 10% of the kidney at 8 dah and in 32% at 53 dah. CD4 receptors were observed in 5% and 63% of the thymic area at 7 and 53 dah, respectively. In the kidney, T4 lymphocytes were first observed at 13 dah in 9% of the organ and in 28% at 53 dah, defining the functional development of the specific system associated with immunological memory capacity.

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