Reptiles recorded in Marinheiros Island, Patos Lagoon estuary, southern Brazil.

Quintela, Fernando Marques; Medvedovsky, Igor Gonçalves; Ibarra, Chyntia; Neves, Luis Fernando de Matos; Figueiredo, Mario Roberto Chim


We present a first list of reptile species of Marinheiros Island, Patos Lagoon estuary, southern Brazil. Between March 2006 and July 2010 we conducted 47 field trips in the various island environments, including arbustive dunes and plains, humid and sandy woods, swamps, saltmarshes, grasslands, herbaceous formations, intermittent lakes and agroecosystems. A total of 18 species were recorded, including three chelonians, three lizards, one amphisbaena, ten snakes and one crocodilian. Two of the recorded dipsadids, Clelia rustica and Philodryas olfersii, had not been found in previous surveys conducted in adjacent peninsular areas

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