Assessment of the labile fractions of copper and zincin marinas and port areas in southern Brazil

Costa, Luiza Dy Fonseca; Wallner-Kersanach, Mônica


The dissolved labile and labile particulatefractions (LPF) of Cu and Zn were analyzed duringdifferent seasons and salinity conditions in estuarinewaters of marina, port, and shipyard areas in thesouthern region of the Patos Lagoon (RS, Brazil).The dissolved labile concentration was determinedusing the diffusive gradients in thin films technique(DGT). DGT devices were deployed in seven loca-tions of the estuary for 72 h and the physicochemicalparameters were also measured. The LPF of Cu andZn was determined by daily filtering of water samples.Seasonal variation of DGT–Cu concentrations wasonly significant (p<0.05) at one shipyard area, whileDGT–Zn was significant (p<0.05) in every locations.The LPF of Cu and Zn concentrations demonstratedseasonal and spatial variability in all locations, mainlyat shipyard areas during high salinity conditions. Ingeneral, except the control location, the sampling loca-tions showed mean variations of 0.11–0.45μgL−1forDGT–Cu, 0.89–9.96μgL−1for DGT–Zn, 0.65–3.69μgg−1for LPF–Cu, and 1.35–10.87μgg−1forLPF–Zn. Shipyard areas demonstrated the most ex-pressive values of labile Cu and Zn in both fractions.

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