Ecotoxicological Tools for Landfarming Soil Evaluation in a Petrochemical Complex

Silva Júnior, Flávio Manoel Rodrigues da; Silva, Paulo Fernando da; Guimaraes, Francisco Silveira; Baisch, Paulo Roberto Martins; Baisch, Ana Luiza Muccillo; Almeida, Kríssia Aparecida de


The demand for simple and rapid bioassays in ecotoxicological evaluations is of paramount importance in order to speed upenvironmental monitoring programs. In this study we performed bioassays with lettuce seeds and two species of terrestrial isopods(Armadillidium vulgareandPorcellio dilatatus) for the ecotoxicological assessment of a landfarming soil from a petrochemical complexarea. The solubilized content of test soil demonstrated a concentration-response type toxic eÆect on seed germination rate, and a delayon germination, but showed toxic eÆect on seedlings wet weight only at the highest concentration. Toxic eÆects were also observedin mortality rate and avoidance behavior of the two woodlice species. These results demonstrated the sensitiveness of the organismsstudied, and highlighted the possibility to use these bioassays in environmental monitoring programs in areas contaminated with fossilfuels.

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