An experimental investigation by towing tank on VIV of a long flexible cylinder for deepwater riser application

Jijun, Gu; Vitola, Marcelo Araujo; Coelho, Jairo Fernando de Lima; Pinto, Waldir Terra; Duan, Menglan; Levi, Carlos


In this study, the dynamic response of a vertical flexible cylinder vibrating at low mode numbers with combined x-y motion was investigated in a towing tank. The uniform flow was simulated by towing the flexible cylinder along the tank in still water; therefore, the turbulence intensity of the free flow was negligible in obtaining more reliable results. A lower branch of dominant frequencies with micro vibration amplitude was found in both cross-flow and in-line directions. This justifiable discrepancy was likely caused by an initial lock-in. The maximum attainable amplitude, modal analysis and x-y trajectory in cross-flow and in-line directions are reported here and compared with previous literature, along with some good agreements and different observations that were obtained from the study. Drag and lift coefficients are also evaluated by making use of a generalized integral transform technique approach, yielding an alternative method to study fluid force acting upon a flexible cylinder.

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