The stochastic geometric machine model

Reiser, Renata Hax Sander; Dimuro, Graçaliz Pereira; Costa, Antonio Carlos da Rocha


This paper introduces the stochastic version of the Geometric Machine Model for the modelling of sequential, alternative, parallel (synchronous) and nondeterministic computations with stochastic numbers stored in a (possibly infinite) shared memory. The programming language L(D! 1), induced by the Coherence Space of Processes D! 1, can be applied to sequential and parallel products in order to provide recursive definitions for such processes, together with a domain-theoretic semantics of the Stochastic Arithmetic. We analyze both the spacial (ordinal) recursion, related to spacial modelling of the stochastic memory, and the temporal (structural) recursion, given by the inclusion relation modelling partial objects in the ordered structure of process construction.

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