Mycobacterium tuberculosis belonging to family LAM and sublineage RDRio: common strains in southern Brazil for over 10 years

Soares, Renata Oliveira; Macedo, Maíra Bidart de; Groll, Andrea Von; Silva, Pedro Eduardo Almeida da


A sublineage of Mycobacterium tuberculosis called RDRio was described in 2007. Although only recently described, this strain may have been present previously in the population, and its identification in clinical isolates will elucidate bacterial transmission dynamics and host-pathogen interactions. This study evaluated the clonal diversity of the RDRio sublineage in clinical isolates from Rio Grande-RS obtained between 1998 and 2001. Among the 45 samples analyzed by the MIRU-VNTR method, there were six clusters with two samples each and 33 orphan strains with unique pattern. The strains were distributed across several different lineages including LAM (34.04%), X (14.89%), Haarlem (12.77%), UgandaI (10.64%), S (4.26%), NEW-1 (2.13%) and Cameroon (2.13%); 14.89% of the strains matched to multiple lineages. RDRio strains were present in 28.9% of the samples and 81.25% of the identified strains belonged to the LAM family. The high clonal diversity observed in this study is a constant feature in this region. The RDRio sublineage has been in Rio Grande-RS since 1998. The continued monitoring of RDRio in clinical isolates will enhance the understanding of its epidemiological significance.

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