Saccharomyces boulardii reduces infection intensity of mice with toxocariasis

Avila, Luciana Farias da Costa de; Conceição, Fabricio Rochedo; Telmo, Paula de Lima; Dutra, Gisele Ferreira; Santos, Diego Gil de los; Martins, Lourdes Helena Rodrigues; Berne, Maria Elisabeth Aires; Silva, Pedro Eduardo Almeida da; Scaini, Carlos James


Several studies have shown the benefit of the use of probiotics in the prevention and treatment of diseases; however, few of them have investigated the effect of probiotics on parasitosis. In this study, the effect of Saccharomyces boulardii on the intensity of infection of mice with toxocariasis was evaluated. The animals were fed with a diet supplemented with S. boulardii for 15 days before inoculation with Toxocara canis eggs and for 2 or 60 days post-inoculation. S. boulardii promoted a reduction of approximately 36% in the average number of recovered T. canis larvae, suggesting that it can be used as an alternative to help control toxocariasis.

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