Cytoskeletal involvement during hypo-osmotic swelling and volume regulation in cultured chick cardiac myocytes

Larsen, Terjes; Dalen, Helge; Boyle, Robert Tew; Souza, Marta Marques de; Lieberman, Melvyn


The membrane skeleton in spherical cardiac myocytes subjected to hypo-osmotic challenge was examined by laser scanning confocal microscopy. A distinct cortical layer intimately localized under the plasmalemma was revealed for spectrin and actin (including filamentous actin and -sarcomeric actin). Desmin filaments were abundant and in close contact with the plasmalemma. During swelling and subsequent regulatory volume decrease (RVD) the structural integrity of these cytoskeletal elements remained intact, and the close association between actin and plasmalemma persisted as confirmed by double immunolabeling. Subplasmalemmal -tubulin labeling was sparse. Hypo-osmotic conditions disrupted the microtubules and depolymerized tubulin. Neither pretreatment with taxol nor with colchicine, resulted in any effect on cell volume regulation. The present results show that actin, desmin, and spectrin contribute to a subplasmalemmal cytoskeletal network in spherical cardiac myocytes, and that this membrane skeleton remains structurally intact during swelling and RVD. It is suggested that the integrity of this membrane skeleton is important for stabilization of the plasmalemma and the membrane-integrated proteins during hypoosmotic challenge, and that it may participate in the regulation of the cell volume.

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