A capacidade tecnológica de uma facção de calçados: o caso da Solasul.

Santos, Marli Elizabeth Ritter dos; Cunha, Neila Conceição Viana da; Graziadio, Thaise; Schmitt, Luciane


This paper analyses the technological capability of a footwear firm located in Rio Grande do Sul. This firm operates as a subcontract of one of the biggest footwear Brazilian firms. To conduct this case study, the data was collected through in deep interviews, besides other secondary sources. The main purpose is to characterize the technological capability of the firm, and also to it to the whole sector performance in Brazil, presenting the advantages of the subcontract system from the point of view of the partners. Due to the firm’s organization of the productive process, problems solving processes, people training, and organization of registers and proceedings, one can consider that this firm’s technological capability has a more effective performance than the other firms of this sector.

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