Bioprocessos para remoção de dióxido de carbono e óxido de nitrogênio por microalgas

Morais, Michele Greque de; Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira


The aim of this work was to study the removal of CO2 and NO by microalgae and to evaluate the kinetic characteristics of the cultures. Spirulina sp. showed μmax and Xmax (0.11 d-1, 1.11 g L-1 d-1) when treated with CO2 and NaNO3. The maximum CO2 removal was 22.97% for S. obliquus treated with KNO3 and atmospheric CO2. The S. obliquus showed maximum NO removal (21.30%) when treated with NO and CO2. Coupling the cultivation of these microalgae with the removal of CO2 and NO has the potential not only to reduce the costs of culture media but also to offset carbon and nitrogen emissions.

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