Perda química de carbono e cinética do crescimento celular em cultivos de spirulina

Andrade, Michele da Rosa; Camerini, Felipe Vieira; Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira


Photosynthetic microorganism cultures, such as microalgae, represent one of the alternatives for fossil CO2 emissions mitigation. Carbon supply is the major cost component in microalgal cultures. Aiming to enhance the dissolved inorganic carbon uptake efficiency in microalgal cultures, Spirulina sp LEB-18 was cultivated in mediums containing NaHCO3 concentrations ranging from 2.8 to 100 g L-1. Results indicated that lower dissolved inorganic carbon concentratios (2.8 g L-1 NaHCO3) produce higher growth parameters (Xmax = 0.75 g L-1; Pmax = 0.145 g L-1 d-1; µmax = 0.254 d-1) and lower carbon losses (13.61%). At 50 g L-1 of NaHCO3 cell growth was inhibited and carbon losses reached 38.73%.

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