Otimização dos parâmetros de produção de hidrolisados protéicos enzimáticos utilizando pescado de baixo valor comercial

Santos, Sarita D’Avila dos; Martins, Vilásia Guimarães; Salas-Mellado, Myriam de las Mercedes; Prentice-Hernández, Carlos


The enzymatic modification of proteins has been widely studied with the aim of add value to low commercial value fish. The objective of this work was to evaluate and optimize the parameters involved in the production process of an enzymatic protein hydrolyzed with high protein content. The results showed that for Alcalase the most significant parameters were temperature, pH and substrate concentration and for Flavourzyme were pH, substrate concentration and enzyme concentration. It was obtained for Alcalase a predictive model for the recovered nitrogen and for Flavourzyme a predictive model for the hydrolysis degree.

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