Modificação enzimática da farinha de arroz visando a produção de amido resistente

Severo, Márcio Garcia; Brito, Kelly de Moraes; Ruiz, Walter Augusto


The aim of this work was to study the enzymatic modification on rice flour using lipase pancreatic and amyloglucosidase to obtain resistant starch. For this, Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was used to determine the best operating conditions for each enzyme. For lypase pancreatic, the highest value for resistant starch (45%) was achieved within 2 h reaction at pH 7 using an enzyme/substrate ratio of 4% (w/w) and Dp= 100/200 tyler. For amyloglucosidase, optima conditions corresponded to an enzyme/substrate ratio of 0,006 mL/g and Dp= 100/200 tyler at 45 oC, yielding 57% of resistant starch in 2 h reaction. These results show the potential of using both enzymes to modified rice flour, increasing the resistant starch in about 5.7 folds in relation to the flour without treatment (resistant starch=10.6%).

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