Produção de biossurfactante por Aspergillus fumigatus utilizando resíduos agroindustriais como substrato

Castiglioni, Gabriel Luis; Bertolin, Telma Elita; Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira


The objective of this study was to investigate biosurfactant production in solid state by Aspergillus fumigatus in fixed-bed column bioreactors using substrate based on agricultural residues. Without a supplementary carbon source the highest emulsifying activity (EA) was 11.17 emulsifying units (EU) g-1 of substrate at an aeration rate of 148 mL h-1g-1 but in the presence of diesel oil the highest EA value was 9.99 EU g-1 at an aeration rate of 119 mL h-1g-1 of substrate while supplementation with soya oil resulted in only 8.47 EU g-1 of substrate at an aeration rate of 119 mL h-1g-1.

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