A one-dimensional coordination polymer constructed from isatine-3-oximate and sodium

Martins, Bianca Barreto; Bresolin, Leandro; Gervini, Vanessa Carratu; Behm, Mariana Boneberger; Oliveira, Adriano Bof de


The reaction of hydroxyl­amine hydro­chloride with isatin in ethanol, catalysed with HCl and neutralized with Na2CO3, yielded the one-dimensional coordination polymer, catena-poly[[[aqua­sodium]-di-μ-aqua-[aqua sodium]-bis­(μ-2-oxoindoline-2,3-dione 3-oximato)] tetra­kis­(oxoindoline-2,3-dione 3-oxime)], {[Na(C8H5N2O2(H2O)2]·2C8H6N2O2}n. The NaI atom has a six-coordinate distorted-octa­hedral environment. Isatine-3-oximate O atoms and water mol­ecules bridge adjacent Na atoms, forming a one-dimensional polymeric structure parallel to [100]. Each isatine-3-oxime dimerizes through N—H[cdots, three dots, centered]O interactions and in addition each oxime is linked to a coordination polymer. Thus, coordination polymers are linked by O—H[cdots, three dots, centered]O and O—H[cdots, three dots, centered]N interactions from isatine-3-oxime dimers, building a two-dimensional network parallel to [110].

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