Simultaneous overexpression of GH and STAT5b genes inhibits the STAT5 signalling pathway in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) embryos

Marins, Luis Fernando Fernandes; Iyengar, Arati; Maclean, Norman; Sabaj, José Alberto Levy; Sohm, Frédéric


In this study, we describe the use of a STAT5 responsive element (LHRE) reporter gene to monitor the activity of the growth hormone (GH) transduction pathway following expression of heterologous fish GH and rat STAT5b in tilapiaembryos and fish fibroblast cells. Our results indicate that both GH and STAT5b are able to activate the LHRE at high levels when transferred separately, demonstrating the substantial level of conservation of the GH signal transduction pathways between fish and mammals. Unexpectedly, co-expression experiments show a strong inhibition of the GH-dependent activation, suggesting that simultaneous GH and STAT5b overexpression can counteract effects of GH expression in tilapia embryos.

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