Remoção dos corantes azul brilhante, amarelo crepúsculo e amarelo tartrazina de soluções aquosas utilizando carvão ativado, terra ativada, terra diatomácea, quitina e quitosana: estudos de equilíbrio e termodinâmica

Dotto, Guilherme Luiz; Vieira, Mery Luiza Garcia; Gonçalves, Janaína Oliveira; Pinto, Luiz Antonio de Almeida


This work compared activated carbon, activated earth, diatomaceous earth, chitin and chitosan to removal acid blue 9, food yellow 3 and FD&C yellow n° 5 dyes from aqueous solutions with different pH values (2-10). In the best process condition for each dye, equilibrium studies were carried out at different temperatures (from 298 to 328 K) and Langmuir, Freundlich, Redlich-Peterson, Temkin and Dubinin-Radushkevich models were fitted with experimental data. In addition, entropy change, Gibbs free energy change and enthalpy change were obtained in order to verify the thermodynamic adsorption behavior.

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