Spirulina sp. leb-18 culture using effluent from the anaerobic digestion

Borges, Joice Aline; Rosa, Gabriel Martins da; Meza, Lucia Helena Rivero; Henrard, Adriano Seizi Arruda; Souza, Michele da Rosa Andrade Zimmermann de; Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira


The carbon source is the most expensive nutrient for Spirulina production; effluents from anaerobic digestion contain this nutrient in the form of HCO3. The aim of this study was to assess the growth kinetics, composition and fatty acid profile of Spirulina sp. LEB-18 grown in standard Zarrouk medium (NaHCO3 16.8 g L-1) and in Zarrouk medium replaced with 20% (v/v) effluent with reduced concentrations of NaHCO3 (5.3 and 2.8 g L-1). The use of effluent and lower concentrations of HCO3 was found to be an alternative to reduce the costs of Spirulina production, because there were no significant differences in growth parameters (μmax 0.324 - 0.354 d-1; Pmax 0.280 - 0.297 g L-1 d-1), in the different culture medium used. Lipids ranged between 4.9 and 5.0%; the media with effluent had higher levels of linoleic acid compared to the standard medium.

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