Fluxos de nutrientes associados às descargas de água subterrânea para a Lagoa Mangueira (Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil)

Andrade, Carlos Francisco Ferreira de; Niencheski, Luis Felipe Hax; Attisano, Karina Kammer; Milani, Márcio Raimundo; Santos, Isaac Rodrigues dos; Milani, Idel Cristiana Bigliardi


This study assesses the importance of groundwater discharge to dissolved nutrient levels in Mangueira Lagoon. A transect of an irrigation canal in the margin of Lagoon demonstrated a strong geochemical gradient due to high groundwater inputs in this area. Using 222Rn as a quantitative groundwater tracer, we observed that the flux of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), silicate and phosphate (1178 and 1977; 26190 and 35652; 167 and 188 mol d-1 for winter and summer, respectively) can continually supply/ sustain primary production. The irrigation canals act as an artificial underground tributary and represent a new source of nutrients to coastal lagoons.

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