Construction and performance of a drop cell for the nephelometric determination of sulfur dioxide

Milani, Márcio Raimundo; Cardoso, Arnaldo Alves


A nephelometric technique based on a liquid drop is described for the measurement of atmospheric sulfur dioxide. A 40-ml drop of barium chloride and hydrogen peroxide solution is suspended in a flowing-air sampling stream. The sulfur (IV) collected is oxidized to sulfur (VI) and finally precipitated as barium sulfate. Nephelometric detection of drop is achieved by an appropriate arrangement consisting of an optical fiber contacting the drop and a photodiode placed at 908 relative to the fiber. The design and characteristics of this drop-based gas sensor system are described. The analytical response, as photocurrent, is proportional to the product of the sampling period and the sulfur dioxide concentration. The detection limit is ca. 1.1 mg my3 for a 10-min sampling time. The present technique is fairly rapid and simple, uses a small amount of reagent and is set up with low-cost equipment, making this system economically viable.

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