Influence of chicken protein isolate and heating temperature on textural properties of low-fat frankfurters

Brito, Kelly de Moraes; Salas-Mellado, Myriam de las Mercedes; Prentice-Hernández, Carlos; Rafael, Ruan


The effects of chicken protein isolate (CPI) addition and heating temperature on the textural properties of low-fat frankfurters were investigated. Frankfurter quality was determined by measuring textural, color, and sensory characteristics. A high temperature caused an increased firmness, breaking force, and gel strength of the frankfurters, and CPI concentration intensified the gel strength. The commercial chicken frankfurters had a greater acceptability and purchase intention than the experimental frankfurters with CPI when evaluated by panelists. The frankfurters with CPI addition (without pork lard) had a lower fat content than the commercial chicken frankfurters. The total replacement of fat by CPI in the experimental frankfurters contributed to the production of a low-fat product because it had a 60% lower lipid content than the commercial chicken frankfurters while maintaining good textural characteristics.

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