Design Strategies for Integrated b-Galactosidase Purification Processes

Lemes, Ailton Cesar; Machado, Juliana Ribeiro; Brites, Marcela Lazzare; Di Luccio, Marco; Kalil, Susana Juliano


The operational conditions for an aqueous two-phase system (ATPS) for b-galactosidase purification were optimized and applied to the design of a purification strategy as an alternative to the primary purification steps. The ATPS proved to be suitable for the recovery and primary enzyme purification. The purification process design developed by ATPS, diafiltration, ion exchange, and diafiltration/ultrafiltration was successful, yielding a more than tenfold purification. The purification strategy design resulted in a powerful integrated purification and recovery process, an evidence of the potential for a scale-up of the b-galactosidase purification process.

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