Analyzing the effects of TID in an embedded system running in a flash-based FPGA

Olano, Jimmy Fernando Tarrillo; Azambuja, José Rodrigo Furlanetto de; Kastensmidt, Fernanda Gusmão de Lima; Pereira Junior, Evaldo Carlos Fonseca; Vaz, Rafael Galhardo; Gonçalez, Odair Lelis


This work analyzes the behavior of a designed embedded system composed of microprocessor, memories and SpaceWire (SpW) links under Total Ionizing Dose (TID) synthesized into a commercial flash-based FPGA from Actel. Two tests were performed: one the FPGA is configured just once at the beginning of the irradiation and the other the FPGA is reconfigured every 5 krad (Si). Results evaluate power supply current (Icc), temperature, function operation and performance degradation.

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