Decisões organizacionais: as perspectivas qualitativa, quantitativa e a abordagem multicritérios

Longaray, André Andrade; Beuren, Ilse Maria


On the beginning of the passed century, great part of the decisions taken in the organizational scope was based on personal assumptions of its main executive. This scene was modified with the introduction of mathematical and computational tools in years 50, through the operational research. This last one, advocated for itself the capacity to supply given structuralized in best models taking of decisions. However, the change of the environment lived deeply for the organizations in the decades of 70, 80 and 90, each more complex, voluble and uncertain time, had made with that great part of the daily pay-conceived models was rethink. The present article, supported in a walk through of literature, looks for to emphasize the quarrel regarding developed methodologies as form of bracket to the decisions in the organizations. In its sections, the questions are explored conceptual and theoretical, as well as the tools that are related to the techniques of bracket to the decisions and the construction of its models, leading in account the strategies of application of the same ones. The conclusion heading, the restrictions and potentialities of the use of the same ones in organizations are examined.

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