Synthesis and differential antiproliferative activity of Biginelli compounds against cancer cell lines: Monastrol, oxo-monastrol and oxygenated analogues

Russowsky, Dennis; Canto, Rômulo Faria Santos; Sanches, Sérgio Augusto Antunes; D'Oca, Marcelo Gonçalves Montes; Fátima, Ângelo de; Pilli, Ronaldo Aloise; Kohn, Luciana Konecny; Antônio, Márcia Aparecida; Carvalho, João Ernesto de


The synthesis and differential antiproliferative activity of monastrol (1a), oxo-monastrol (1b) and eight oxygenated derivatives 3a,b–6a,b on seven human cancer cell lines are described. For all evaluated cell lines, monastrol (1a) was shown to be more active than its oxo-analogue, except for HT-29 cell line, suggesting the importance of the sulfur atom for the antiproliferative activity. Monastrol (1a) and the thio-derivatives 3a, 4a and 6a displayed relevant antiproliferative properties with 3,4-methylenedioxy derivative 6a being approximately more than 30 times more potent than monastrol (1a) against colon cancer (HT-29) cell line.

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