A visual system for distributed mosaics using an auvs fleet

Botelho, Silvia Silva da Costa; Drews Junior, Paulo Lilles Jorge; Galeriano, Marcelo de Paiva; Gonçalves, Eder Mateus Nunes


The use of teams of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for visual inspection tasks is a promising robotic field. The images captured by different robots can be also to aid in the localization/navigation of the fleet. In a previous work, a distributed localization system was presented based on the use of Augmented States Kalman Filter through the visual maps obtained by the fleet. In this context, this paper details a system for on-line construction of visual maps and its use to aid the localization and navigation of the robots. Different aspects related to the capture, treatment and construction of mosaics by fleets of robots are presented. The developed system can be executed on-line on different robotic platforms. The paper is concluded with a series of tests and analyses aiming at to system validation.

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