Diesel/biodiesel proportion for by-compression ignition engines

Villarreyes, Joaquín Ariel Morón; Soldi, Cristian; Amorim, Alexandra Mara de; Pizzolatti, Moacir Geraldo; Mendonça Junior, Antônio Possidônio de; D'Oca, Marcelo Gonçalves Montes


Nowadays, computational combustion (CC) presents complex mathematical models where the fuel physical properties are important parameters. Most research on biodiesel aims at reducing pollutant emissions placing little emphasis on the relation between the fuel physical properties and its internal combustion. In this work it is presented a brief review on the importance of the physical properties and their relation to the internal combustion proposing a method to determine the volumetric proportion of biodiesel which will have efficient combustion in compression engines. The main injection and atomization properties related to the quality of ignition were measured, such as: density, viscosity and surface tension for mineral diesel (B0), biodiesel (B100) and other eleven mixtures BXX. With the proposed method, it was found that mixtures of diesel/soybean ethylic biodiesel from B2 to B30, present satisfactory internal combustion. The method may be used to predict the behavior of BXX proportions from other animal or vegetable sources and even be used as a preliminary or complementary criterion for the biodiesel certification.

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