Use of smart photochromic indicator for dynamic monitoring of the shelf life of chilled chicken based products

Brizio, Ana Paula Dutra Resem; Prentice-Hernández, Carlos


This study evaluated the applicability of a photochromic time temperature indicator (TTI) to monitor the time– temperature history and shelf life of chilled boneless chicken breast. The results showed that the smart indicator showed good reproducibility during the discoloring process in all the conditions investigated. The response was not only visibly interpretable but also well adaptable to measurement using appropriate equipment. For an activation configuration of 4 s of ultraviolet light (UV) per label, the TTI's rate of discolorationwas similar to the quality loss of themeat samples analyzed. Thus, the photochromic label (4 s UV/label) attached to the samples set out to be a dynamic shelf-life label, assuring consumers the final point of quality of chilled boneless chicken breast in an easy and precise form, providing a reliable tool to monitor the supply chain of this product.

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