Obtaining L-systems Rules from Strings

Santos, Edmar; Coelho, Regina Célia


This paper presents a proposal to solve the Inverse Problem of Lindenmayer in the deterministic and free-context L-system grammar class. The proposal of this paper is to show a methodology that can obtain an L-system rule from a string representing the development stage of any object. The strings used in the tests were obtained from known grammars. However, they are dealt with as of having an unknown origin to assure the impartiality of the methodology. The idea presented here consists in the regression of growth of the string analyzed by an algorithm built based on relations of growth obtained from string generated by known deterministic grammars. In the tests carried out, all the strings submitted to the proposed algorithm could be reverted to an L-system rule identical to the original rule used in the synthesis of the string. It is also interesting to observe that the obtaining of these rules occurred practically in real time with tested grammars.

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