Transesterification of castor oil assisted by microwave irradiation

Perin, Gelson; Álvaro, Gisele de Oliveira; Alves, Eliete Westphal; Viana, Luiz Henrique; Jacob, Raquel Guimarães; Leonardao, Eder João; D'Oca, Marcelo Gonçalves Montes


Microwave assisted transesterification of castor bean oil was carried out in the presence of methanol or ethanol, using a molar ratio alcohol/castor bean oil of 6:1, and 10% w/w of acidic silica gel or basic alumina (in relation to the oil mass) as catalyst. Under acid catalysis, the reaction occurred with satisfactory yields using H2SO4 immobilized in SiO2 , methanol under conventional conditions (60 C for 3 h) as well as using microwave irradiation for 30 min. The best results were obtained under basic conditions (Al2O3/50% KOH) using methanol and conventional (60 C, stirring, 1 h) or microwave conditions (5 min). In comparison with conventional heating, the catalyzed alcoholysis assisted by microwaves is much faster and leads to higher yields of the desired fatty esters.

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