Pilot scale semicontinuous production of spirulina biomass in southern Brazil

Morais, Michele Greque de; Radmann, Elisangela Martha; Souza, Michele da Rosa Andrade Zimmermann de; Teixeira, Gilson Gonçalves; Brusch, Lucio Renato de Fraga; Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira


We evaluated the feasibility of the pilot scale production of Spirulina strain LEB-18 in southern Brazil and assessed the quality of biomass produced in relation to its kinetics characteristic, nutritional value, heavy metal content and microbial content. The maximum mean biomass concentration was 1.24 g L− 1 and the maximum productivity was 69.16 g m− 2 d− 1. The biomass showed 84.0% digestibility, 86.0% (w/w) protein and 3.3% (w/w) lipid content. Analyses showed that the concentration (mg kg− 1) of heavy metals (As, 0.28 ± 0.01; Cd, < 0.05; Hg, < 0.01; and Pb, 0.17) and the microbial load (7.1 × 105 colony forming units per gram) were lower than the internationally accepted standards. These results show that pilot scale cultivation of Spirulina LEB-18 in southern Brazil is feasible and that the biomass produced is within the internationally recognized standards for use as a food additive for increasing the nutritional potential of conventional products.

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