Antioxidant Properties of Spirulina (Arthospira) platensis Cultivated Under Different Temperatures and Nitrogen Regimes

Colla, Luciane Maria; Furlong, Eliana Badiale; Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira


The main aim of this work was to investigate the effects of temperature and nitrogen concentration on the antioxidant potential of extracts from Spirulina (Arthospira) platensis biomass. S. platensis biomass obtained at 35ºC and with 1.875 g.L-1 or 2.5 g.L-1 of sodium nitrate in the culture medium presented higher concentrations of phenolic compounds. The antioxidant potential of methanol extracts of biomass on the enzymatic browning caused by peroxidase were 29 and 35%, respectively, being the reduction related to the amount of phenolic compounds present in this extract.

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