Simultaneous amyloglucosidase and exo-polygalacturonase production by Aspergillus niger using solid-state fermentation

Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira; Colla, Eliane; Magagnin, Glênio; Santos, Lucielen Oliveira dos; Vendruscolo, Mauricio; Bertolin, Telma Elita


Amyloglucosidase (AMG) and exo-polygalacturonase (exo-PG) were simultaneously produced by two different strains of Aspergillus niger in solid-state fermentation (SSF) using defatted rice-bran as substrate. The effect of Aspergillus niger strain (t0005/007-2 and/or CCT 3312), inoculum type (spore suspension or fermented bran) and addition of inducers (pectin and/or starch) to the culture media was studied using a 32 x 21 factorial experimental design. The production of AMG and exo-PG was significantly affected by fungal strain and inoculum type but inducers had no effect. The maximum yields obtained were 1310 U/gdm for AMG using a spore suspension of A. niger CCT 3312 and 50.2 U/gdm for exo-PG production, using A. niger t0005/007-2 and fermented bran as inoculum. The yields obtained represented acceptable values in comparison with data available in the literature and indicated that defatted rice-bran was a good nutrient source.

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